For Less Than a Cup of Coffee a Day We Can Take Bookkeeping Off Your To Do List!

Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

Financial Reports at your finger tips!

Keep your banker, accountant, business partners, etc. in the loop with instant secure access to your reports. Access your Profit & Loss Reports "YEAR TO DATE" at any given time throughout the year.  

No more surprises!

Reconciled monthly throughout the year. You'll know exactly where you stand and how much tax you may owe at any given moment throughout the year! 

Say no more to data entry and number crunching!

No more late nights and long hours of incorrect data entry.

No space for back-ups?

Your books are instantly backed up meaning no more lost data from computer crashes!

You don't need an extension.

Your finances will already be logged which means you don't need that extension. Having your books ready also makes tax preparation so much easier!

Talk to us!

Talk to us throughout the year; call, email, message, send smoke signals, and stop in! The more the communication the better the books. Meaning a better tax experience for the both of us!


Fees start at $100/month and will depend on how many checks you physically write, the bank you're associated with, the number of bank accounts and credit cards we'll track, as well as the number of transactions you do throughout the week/month on average.

"We have switched to QuickBooks Online. Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. is the best. They can turn many hours of bookkeeping into few, experiencing less time in the office. We are so glad to have made the move to let them handle our bookkeeping and payroll. Wish we had done it sooner. Thank you!!"

-E&WP Maine 2016